Why Hire a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer?

by | Aug 30, 2021

Hire a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer to protect your legal rights. Whether you’re facing police questioning or taking your case to trial, private legal counsel is there to be on your side. You should always fight charges for a crime you didn’t commit or that the prosecutor can’t prove.

This blog post discusses why you may want to hire a criminal defense attorney and what to expect when working with one.

5 Reasons to Hire a Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney

These are the top five reasons we recommend hiring a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer:

  • Reason 1. We have experience defending charges that are similar to yours.
  • Reason 2. We will look for opportunities to defend your rights and weaken the prosecutor’s case theory.
  • Reason 3. We have a strong command of the law and criminal procedure.
  • Reason 4. We have amicable relationships with prosecutors in your jurisdiction.
  • Reason 5. We will steer you away from legal mistakes when dealing with prosecutors, courts, and law enforcement.

What to Expect From Hiring a Criminal Law Lawyer

The attorney-client relationship is a close one, as it should be. We will create a strategy that helps you move forward on your case. Your Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer will investigate your charges, identify weaknesses in the case against you, and raise legal issues as we discover them.

Some elements to consider when hiring a criminal defense lawyer include:

  • Verify they’re licensed to practice in the relevant jurisdiction and venue
  • Look for someone with a deep bench of experience defending criminal matters
  • Consider their local reputation and check out online reviews
  • Ask your prospective defense team about their past results

Schedule a Free Case Evaluation with Shuttleworth Law PC

Facing charges? From drug crimes to DUI, we help people accused of crimes in Pennsylvania and South Jersey.

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