CT Gov. Malloy Signs Death Penalty Bill

by | May 1, 2012

According to CNN.com, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed the bill abolishing the death penalty. Connecticut lawmakers are set to vote on a bill to repeal the state’s death penalty sentence for capital crimes.

“When I sign this law, Connecticut will join 16 other states and practically every other industrialized nation in moving toward what I believe is better public policy,” says Gov. Dannel Malloy. Connecticut has utilized capital punishment since its colonial days. There are now 11 prisoners on death row in the state.

Background of Capital Punishment in the United States

A moratorium was imposed until 1976 when a court judgment maintained the validity of the death penalty. Opponents of the repeal claim that capital punishment deters crimes. Four states have abolished the practice over the last five years, including New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Illinois.

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