How Do You Settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

by | May 2, 2022

You can settle with Strike 3 Holdings by having your lawyer negotiate with their lawyers. This strategy protects your rights and prevents legal errors from arising, where many IP infringement defenses fail.

Your other options are to ignore their lawsuit or fight the case at a civil trial. However, you should never ignore a lawsuit, and going to trial may cost you more than settling, especially if they have an airtight case against you.

In This Article

A copyright infringement defense lawyer in Philadelphia gives you an overview of Strike 3 Holdings’ lawsuits, how to settle with them, the pros and cons of settling, and why you should never ignore an IP infringement lawsuit.

An Overview of Strike 3 Holdings, LLC and “the Lawsuits”

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC is a pornographic film company headquartered in Camden, Delaware. They created titles under several brands, including Blacked, Tushy, and Vixen. They are lawsuits against people for allegedly infringing upon their copyrighted works and have been doing so for years.

Courts have awarded Strike 3 Holdings the damages they have demanded in their complaints, such as:

  • In Pennsylvania$72,750 + litigation costs
  • In New Jersey$18,000 + litigation costs
  • In New Jersey$108,750 + litigation costs
  • In Virginia$33,440 + litigation costs

Our legal team wrote a more extensive article on the background of Strike 3 Holdings, LLC as a company and why they are suing people. Check it out here if you want to learn more about them.

Five Steps for Settling a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit

Did you know that lawsuit settlements are negotiable? Instead of paying a settlement demand, you can hire legal representation to negotiate on your behalf, settling your case for dimes on the dollar.

In general, here are the five steps to take for settling a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit:

  • Step 1. Retain all copies of documents received
  • Step 2. Contact a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit defense attorney
  • Step 3. Allow them to negotiate a settlement with Strike 3 Holdings
  • Step 4. Finalize the agreement
  • Step 5. Pay your settlement

By following this process, you ensure that you understand your legal rights throughout the settlement process. It also gives you peace of mind in the future, knowing that you did not pay Strike 3 Holdings any more money than necessary.

Pros and Cons of Settling with Strike 3 Holdings

Settling with Strike 3 Holdings may be the best option to avoid civil court. However, you might not want to settle if you do not think they have a case against you.

Here are a few pros and cons for consideration:

  • Pro: Quick resolution, life gets back to normal faster
  • Con: Paying a settlement regardless of facts
  • Pro: Anonymous settlements keep your name private
  • Con: Forever knowing that Strike 3 Holdings beat you without a fight
  • Pro: The cost of a quick settlement sometimes is less than litigation

Make no mistake, a settlement is an excellent option for some situations, especially when you do not want to go through a jury trial or if Strike 3 has a strong case against you. On the other hand, you may have a viable defense that can put, what some others consider to be a copyright troll, in their rightful place. Formulating a good defense during litigation is imperative in the right cases, because you won’t be calling them a copyright troll when they’re litigating and trying to win a judgment against you.

If Strike 3 Holdings loses more cases than anticipated, it sends a larger message to others like them that they are unwarranted, unprofitable, and a drain on our legal system’s resources. However, can you (or should you) afford to take on that responsibility? Most people cannot or will not for various reasons after talking with a lawyer.

Do This Instead

Determine if settling with Strike 3 Holdings is right for you after getting advice from a copyright infringement defense attorney. We can help you weigh the pros and cons as they relate to your specific situation, not based on generalizations or hypothetical scenarios.

The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Nothing

Some people consider ignoring a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit for various reasons. While a significant portion of folks are unclear about what is happening, others do not consider it to be a serious situation.

Regardless of your reasoning, ignoring an intellectual property (IP) lawsuit is never advisable. Failing to answer a subpoena or civil court complaint causes you to lose your case “by default.” Losing by default means that a judge formally orders you to pay their damages, plus attorneys’ fees and court costs.

A Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit could cost you up to several hundred thousand dollars if ignored. However, they must have admissible, discoverable evidence against you to secure a win if you respond. Courts are dismissing Strike 3 cases throughout the US over weak evidence alone.

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How a Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit Defense Lawyer Can Help

The most compelling reason to hire a Strike 3 Holdings lawsuit defense attorney is to win your case if possible or to ensure that you are not paying any more money to them than necessary. Yes, every case is different, and we do not ever want to mislead people in outlier situations. However, you could receive a better outcome when legal representation is on your side.

First, we ensure that no one violates your civil rights, and if they do, we will hold them accountable. Second, an experienced lawyer has unreplaceable knowledge that we can apply to your situation. This knowledge can help you make decisions in your best interest, not Strike 3’s.

Third, and finally, we have strong negotiation skills. If we can find an opportunity to lower the amount you allegedly owe, count on us to present evidence of that fact. More simply put, you will have a settlement-reducing champion on your side regardless of how aggressively they pursue you.

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