Just because about a third of the approximately 60 judicial candidates for the Philadelphia primary elections have dropped out of the race, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get educated on the remaining candidates.  The public’s knowledge of individual Philadelphia judicial candidates may not be as good as its knowledge of more high-profile elections this year, but there are ways that you can educate yourself.

Because of the Philadelphia mayoral race, people will show up at the polls, and many may just vote down party lines for the top ballot positions.  Don’t want to be part of those masses – get educated and vote wisely.  New judges are usually first assigned to criminal court or family court, where lives are at stake.  The citizens of Philadelphia deserve the best on the bench.

There are a few resources for you to educate yourself about judicial candidates for the upcoming judicial primary elections on May 19, 2015.  Here’s a list of a few essential websites you can use to help make your decisions on judicial elections at the polls this year:

  1. Philadelphia Bar Association’s Commission on Judicial Selection and Retention – Voter’s Guide to Judicial Elections
  2. Committee of Seventy
  3. The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania – How Judges Are Elected
  4. Pennsylvanian’s For Modern Courts – How Pennsylvania Judicial Elections Work
  5. Phillyelectionresults.com
  6. BallotPedia – Judicial Elections

See you at the polls!