Assistant District Attorney Set to be Reinstated at Job After Getting ARD

by | Mar 7, 2008

According to the Altoona Mirror, Blair County Assistant District Attorney Deanne E. Paul will be reinstated to her job as a prosecutor this Monday. She was allegedly arrested for DUI charges after being found slumped over at the wheel of her car after a holiday party this past December. She was placed into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”) program this past Wednesday.

The ARD program is a program designed to rehabilitate first-time alleged offenders by placing them in a short term of probation and making drug and alcohol counseling available. Individuals who are placed in to an ARD program as the result of a Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs (“DUI”) charge are also required to attend Highway Safety School.

This story demonstrates exactly why the ARD program was created in Pennsylvania. It gives people a second chance, and allows them to maintain a clean criminal record. In addition, the ARD program allows the Commonwealth vindicate its criminal laws by placing the defendant on probation for a short period, which also serves to act as a general and specific deterrent to crime.

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