When the alleged fraudulent activities of Bernard Madoff were exposed, many non-profit organizations took a major financial hits. The Justice, Equality, Human Dignity, and Tolerance (JEHT) Foundation was one of them. The JEHT Foundation will close its doors in January, leaving many criminal justice organizations with significantly lower budgets. One of the better-known organizations nationwide is the Innocence Project, whose goal is to overturn wrongful convictions, and whose participation includes many prominent criminal defense lawyers. Many of the people the Innocence Project has helped were incarcerated for decades before newer technology such as DNA testing could prove their innocence.

Having received over $125,000 of its $200,000 annual budget from the JEHT Foundation, the Innocence Project ability to help innocent, wrongfully convicted has been greatly hamstrung, according to at least one news article. According to the article linked below, with over half of its budget lost due to the collapse of its major financier, the Innocence Project, while in no danger of collapsing, will have a far smaller role in freeing innocent people. To read more about this, click here.

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