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Strike 3 Holdings, LLC, a pornographic film company, has sued people throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and other states for federal copyright infringement for YEARS!

They usually start their cases by filing a complaint and sending a subpoena to your internet service provider (ISP), even if you no longer use their services. You enter into the litigation process with them as a “John Doe” or named defendant. The Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC, Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq., has the requisite experience, knowledge, and resources you want for protection against a MASSIVE court judgment.

You have a limited window of time to respond. Otherwise, you could owe TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to Strike 3 Holdings. The legal team at Shuttleworth Law PC has confidence in our ability to handle these cases, and we want to demonstrate our ability to help you.

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Strike 3 Holdings Subpoena? A Pornographic Film Company Wants YOUR INFO

Your ISP likely sent you a Strike 3 Holdings subpoena because the pornographic film company of the same name wants your personal information. The subpoena acts as a conduit for getting your ISP to fulfill this request.

Are You a John Doe Defendant?

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC often files civil cases against “John Doe” defendants. A John Doe defendant is the name a Plaintiff calls you in a lawsuit when your identity is unknown. They do this since they only know your internet protocol address (IP address) associated with an internet-connected device, like your modem.

John Doe Has 2 Options to Fight Strike 3

A subpoena is their attempt at FORCING the ISP to provide them with your private subscriber information. Federal law requires the ISP to notify you that they will give Strike 3 Holdings your information.

HOWEVER, you can try to prevent this from happening by hiring a Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer to file:

Option 1. Motion to Quash:

This is a court request to stop the subpoena by alleging that the company didn’t issue it lawfully.

Option 2. Motion for a Protective Order

This is a court request to prevent the disclosure of your name due to “undue burden.”

Your private information could become part of the case if you don’t hire a lawyer to act on your behalf. It is essential to hire a Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC who knows their litigation process while preventing a John Doe lawsuit against you!

Yes, Strike 3 Holdings Really Could Get Your Info

Strike 3 Holdings probably wants your private subscriber information so that they can name you as a defendant in a federal copyright infringement case. They have investigators and experts that track the uploading and downloading of their copyrighted, pornographic material to the internet.

How Do They Do It?

Here’s how investigators go after you in 5 steps:

Step 1.

Use sophisticated software to track the IP address sharing protected materials

Step 2.

Once they have the suspected IP address of the alleged copyright infringer, they file the John Doe lawsuit

Step 3.

Serve your ISP with a subpoena

Step 4.

Get your information from the ISP

Step 5.

Name you as a defendant in a civil lawsuit

People usually illegally share pornographic material on peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing services like BitTorrent, eMule, Seedr, or Frost Wire. The problem is that such material is usually subject to federal copyright laws. These laws protect the owners’ rights to reproduce, distribute, or display copyrighted material.


Shuttleworth Law PC can help defend yourself against Strike 3 Holdings, LLC claims. When you call our office, we conduct a Free Case Evaluation to start. Then, if you choose to hire us, we’ll start handling things right away to avoid unnecessary delays.

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You Could Be Held Responsible for Owing THEM Money

You could be on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars if Strike 3 Holdings gets a judgment against you.

Therefore, it’s essential to act fast if you’ve been served with a subpoena.

Don’t Ignore the Subpoena: Your Assets Are On the Line

If you don’t act quickly, they can get a default judgment against you and begin to execute it on your assets.

That means a Strike 3 Holdings claim could cause you to LOSE your:

  • Your cash
  • Residential home
  • Personal vehicle
  • Bank accounts
  • Other assets

Strike 3 Holdings judgments against people can be in the TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Their damages are usually calculated for each work infringed upon, so the numbers can add up quickly.

You should contact a Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer when you receive a subpoena in these cases. Even if you think you haven’t done anything wrong, the fact that you received one signifies that you’re being investigated.

You Can Protect Yourself From a Strike 3 Holdings Case

If you act quickly, you could prevent a judgment.

That’s why it’s crucial to contact an attorney with experience in defending cases against Strike 3 Holdings and other plaintiffs in copyright infringement cases.

Possible defenses that Shuttleworth Law PC may use include:

  • Defense 1. It wasn’t you who infringed the work
  • Defense 2. You had a license to reproduce or distribute the work
  • Defense 3. They have the wrong IP address
  • Defense 4. You used the work for non-commercial purposes
  • Defense 5. The content fell under the fair use doctrine
  • And other defenses revealed through OUR investigation… not theirs!

If you ignore Strike 3 Holding’s lawsuit against you, they will get a default judgment against you. This is the worst possible thing you can do because these judgments can be HUGE. Contact an experienced Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense attorney at Shuttleworth Law PC who will explore all of your defenses and fight for you.

Why Hire a Local Strike 3 Holdings Defense Lawyer vs. a National Defense Firm?

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq., founder and defense attorney at Shuttleworth Law PC, is admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the District of New Jersey. Law firms that advertise nationally are generally not admitted into local practice, meaning they are either:

  1. Looking to settle without putting up a fight
  2. Referring your case out to a local firm like mine

Cut out the middlemen entirely by hiring a Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense attorney on our legal team.

We will not refer your case to another firm. Instead, you get to feel the reassurance and comfort that a close relationship with your lawyer brings.

The Opportunity to Meet Face-to-Face

Generally, it is preferable to meet with your attorney face-to-face. This meeting may be impossible if you hire one who practices 1,000 miles away. Even if you meet at some point, you certainly won’t be meeting up with them at court.

Shuttleworth Law PC can meet with you discreetly in-person or via secure video chat throughout the time we work together. We are based in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area.

State-Specific Familiarity

A national lawyer may be less practiced with the specific laws governing cases in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. While all attorneys are competent, you may prefer to work with someone who routinely addresses these issues to provide a reassuring and efficient experience.

We’re a Part of YOUR Community

A Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC is local to where you and your family members live, work, and play. We are familiar with local rules and attitudes within the court system. You will also have the opportunity to work with someone who understands what you value in customer service and meeting expectations.

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Strike 3 Holdings Defense FAQs:

What Is Strike 3 Holdings, LLC?

Strike 3 Holdings, LLC is a pornographic film company. They produced adult films under the brand names Blacked, Tushy, Vixen, and others. They are looking to prosecute claims for copyright infringement for their works being shared illegally via P2P file-sharing programs.

Click here to learn more.

How Much Could a Strike 3 Holdings Lawsuit Cost If Ignored?

Strike 3 Holdings is serious about recuperating civil damages for copyright infringement. Therefore, you should NEVER ignore their letters, especially not a court summons. Federal laws allow them to seek up to $30,000 per unintentional infringement per work and $150,000 per work for intentional infringements.

Imagine that you intentionally downloaded 3 movies on Frost Wire that are part of this lawsuit. You never shared them with others, and they were reserved for private viewing. In this example, you could end up owing $450,000.

Click here to learn more.

How Do You Settle with Strike 3 Holdings?

You don’t have to settle with Strike 3 Holdings if you can prove a few elements. That’s why it’s vital to hire a Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer. These cases are complex, and we can explore your legal options during the Free Case Evaluation so that you get personalized information and advice.

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Do I Have to Go to Court Over a Strike 3 Holdings Case?

It depends.

You could potentially quash the subpoena or get a protective order. However, receiving a summons means that you would have to file an answer and motion for a case dismissal, which would result in a scheduled hearing. In that instance, you or your Philadelphia Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer may have to go to court.

Some courts, or venues, are receiving an influx of Strike 3 cases more than others. You can determine where the subpoena or summons was issued by locating the court’s name on the first page at the top.

Shuttleworth Law PC can help you handle a Strike 3 Holdings matter in any Pennsylvania or South New Jersey court, including:


  • Eastern District of Pennsylvania: Our firm is seeing that Strike 3 Holdings, LLC will submit several filings in the Eastern District of PA in the very near future. This courthouse is located at the John A. Byrne U.S. Courthouse on 601 Market Street in Philadelphia. We’re conveniently located just a few miles away and are familiar with their courts, judges, and procedures.
  • District of New Jersey: Shuttleworth Law PC is licensed to practice in NJ. The US District Court – District of New Jersey is also expected to see many filings in their Camden, Trenton, and Newark locations. If you’ve received court documents from these courts, ensure that you don’t ignore them and speak with a Strike 3 Holdings defense lawyer ASAP.
  • Other Venues: If your case was filed in another district, no problem; we also defend matters in the Western and Middle Districts of Pennsylvania.

Areas Served: Bridesburg-Kensington-Port Richmond, Center City, Far Northeast Philadelphia, Germantown-Chestnut Hill, Kensington, Near Northeast Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Roxborough-Manayunk, South Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, Upper North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and all surrounding areas.

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