Philadelphia-Based Law Firm Changes Name, Corporate Designation

by | Jan 16, 2023

Shuttleworth Law PC founder celebrates changes, credits firm’s success to experience, skills, and results for clients

[Philadelphia, Pennsylvania] – Shuttleworth Law PC, founded by Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq, changed its name on January 3, 2023 after registering as a professional corporation in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The firm (formerly known as “Shuttleworth Law”) is located on the third floor of the historic Hale Building at 100 S Juniper Street, Philadelphia, PA. According to the firm founder, changes in name and designation represent personal and professional formidability, even during uncertain times.

“I knew opening up a private practice during a worldwide pandemic came with a calculated but still inherent risk,” says Shuttleworth, referencing the 2021 decision. “The prospect of fighting for people under my name seemed achievable and inspiring after careful consideration. As I reflect on that time, I couldn’t let go of the idea about creating a new, modern law firm and feel great about my decision to move forward.”

Shuttleworth Law PC further states that it does not anticipate future name or business entity changes at this time. Interested members of the public can keep up on new developments by following the firm’s website law blog and social media accounts.

Shuttleworth completed these milestones at breakneck speeds during the COVID-19 pandemic while raising a family with two children at home, including a daughter and a son, with his wife, Amanda, a respiratory therapist.

About Shuttleworth Law PC

Shuttleworth Law PC, founded in July of 2021 by Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq., represents criminal defense, copyright infringement, and personal injury matters with admissions to practice law in Pennsylvania  and New Jersey (service limited to South Jersey for convenience).

Brad Shuttleworth’s reputation and past experiences made his practice flourish in less than two years. Since its 2021 formation, the firm has upgraded its physical offices, hired dedicated legal support and an associate attorney, and received approval for professional corporation status. Shuttleworth received his Juris Doctor from the James E. Beasley School of Law of Temple University and has practice law for nearly 20 years.

Media Contact Information

Learn more about Shuttleworth Law PC and its legal services online by visiting:

You are also welcome to contact the law firm’s founder directly via the contact information below if you have additional questions:

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.
Founder and PresidentShuttleworth Law PC
Telephone: (215) 774-1371

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