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Hire the Philadelphia homicide, manslaughter, and murder lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC as soon as possible when you are facing these types of charges. If convicted of criminally causing someone’s death, you could face severe consequences that will change your life forever.

Shuttleworth Law PC will protect you or your loved one when accused of homicide, manslaughter, or murder in Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Our legal team has years of experience and a deep bench of resources. We will fight to obtain the most favorable result on your behalf while protecting your case at every critical point.

Sometimes, the justice system rushes to blame someone after a murder. This strategy can lead to rash decisions and judgments based on flawed evidence. If there’s a weakness in the case against my client, I’m looking for it.

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Types of Homicide, Manslaughter, & Murder Charges We Defend

These types of charges fall under a wide range of criminal classifications and sentencing guidelines. Hire the Philadelphia homicide, manslaughter, and murder lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC to handle the following:

  • Involuntary manslaughter: Involuntary manslaughter charges are for situations involving unintentional death resulting from negligence. For example, accidentally discharging a firearm and killing someone. Learn more about our manslaughter defense services.
  •  Voluntary manslaughter: Voluntary manslaughter is a more severe form of manslaughter in which the defendant had no intention of killing the other person before the incident. The most common example of voluntary manslaughter are “crimes of passion.”
  • Vehicle manslaughter: Drivers who unintentionally kill another person in a car accident face vehicular manslaughter charges. Learn more about our vehicular manslaughter defense services.
  • First-degree murder: First-degree murder is the most severe type of murder charge because it involves conscious intent to kill. In legal terms, it is a charge that refers to the premeditation or willful planning of a murder. Learn more about our murder defense services.
  • Second-degree murder: When a person commits a felony, and a homicide occurs, they face second-degree murder charges. For instance, a client allegedly kills someone during the commission of a felony-level crime.
  • Third-degree murder: The justice system classifies all other murders as third-degree murders.

The charges that you or your loved one are facing are defensible. You do not have to accept them without putting up a strategic fight. Shuttleworth Law PC will work on your behalf to uncover prosecutorial case weaknesses and present our findings in court.

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Acts of criminal homicide, manslaughter, and murder are punishable under the law in PA and NJ. As a result, if you have been arrested and charged, it is critical that you speak with Philadelphia homicide, manslaughter, and murder attorneys as soon as possible.

Shuttleworth Law PC has successfully won cases on behalf of our clients. Allow us to help you. Our legal team will examine the facts and evidence in your case and advise you on the best course of action for fighting your charges.

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