Criminal Defense

Drug or Controlled Substance Crimes

Drug possession charges can range from simple to very complicated matters. Having an attorney experienced in controlled substance or narcotics possession cases can mean the difference between a clean or criminal record, and jail or no jail time.

The charge of possession of controlled substances can create an array of consequences for people, such as a permanent criminal record, jail time, and driver’s license suspensions. The crime of Simple Possession or Possession of a Controlled Substance is usually when a person possesses the substance for personal use.

Drug Dealing or Drug Distribution charges are much more serious than Simple Possession cases. The potential for jail or prison become much higher in these cases, and this potential largely driven by the type of drug, controlled substance or narcotic involved, and the amount involved. In addition, if there is an allegation that a gun or firearm was used in a drug dealing operation, the District Attorney or Prosecutor will see a target on your back.

Finally, the crime of Conspiracy is often charged in drug distribution cases, especially if someone is arrested with other people.

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