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The Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC will devise a case strategy if you or your family member faces charges. Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq., has over 15 years of experience fighting cases at the Commonwealth and federal levels at trial, backed by investigatory resources and powerful argumentation skills that cannot be replicated. Your future is in excellent hands if you hire us to represent your case.

“Getting an insurance fraud conviction requires prosecutors to prove that you knowingly AND intentionally lied. Are they able to prove BOTH of those elements? And even if they have compelling evidence, no one has investigated whether it was obtained and processed properly. With as many possibilities as there are to get out of your charges, pick up the phone and give me a call for a legal perspective on your situation.”

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.

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Shuttleworth Law PC Defends Federal & Commonwealth Insurance Fraud Charges

Insurance fraud, at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and federal levels, encompasses many activities. For example, lying on an insurance application for better rates is insurance fraud. Scheming with doctors to increase billable services is another example.

Essentially, this is what prosecutors are saying:

You lied to an insurer or related legal body, either alone or with others, with the intent to defraud for your own gain.

Those words are chilling to read for the first time when facing insurance fraud charges. We are not trying to intimidate you with this information. Rather, we are trying to set the stage for where things lie.

Let us reassure you by saying that you’re in the right place when looking for legal advice. Our Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC have the access, knowledge, and energy that clients and their families have trusted for more than 15 years when facing Pennsylvania and federal charges.

Pennsylvania Insurance Fraud Defense

Shuttleworth Law PC will aggressively investigate and defend insurance fraud charges filed against you or a loved one. Under 18 Pa.C.S. § 4117, the law describes eight different types of insurance fraud offenses.

Prosecutors are alleging that you knowingly and intentionally committed fraud with “false, incomplete, or misleading information” when:

  1. Filing documents with government agencies
  2. Making statements to insurers
  3. Conspiring with another for making statements to insurers
  4. Borrowing or using another’s insurance cards
  5. Hiring someone to help a legal or financial cause
  6. Engaging as an unlicensed agent, broker, or unauthorized insurer
  7. Allowing conspirators to use a medical facility for fraudulent purposes
  8. Financially benefiting from ANY of these activities as a conspirator

Yes, these descriptions are vague to clients. However, they are specific enough so that prosecutors must prove specific elements. Hire our Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers to ensure that they do not take advantage of your legal rights when pursuing a conviction.

Federal Insurance Fraud Defense

Federal insurance fraud charges are found under 18 U.S. Code § 1033. They typically involve interstate crimes, or those that cross state lines, and are charged against someone with a fiduciary responsibility.

Shuttleworth Law PC can help if you’re being accused of:

  • Overvaluing assets
  • Insurance embezzlements and misappropriations
  • Using insurance role for corrupt purposes
  • Providing false insurance company records
  • Other insurance fraud charges under this section

If the federal authorities are involved, you know your charges are serious. They suspect that you, your employees, or your company is responsible for lying about or abusing assets for financial or legal gain.

It’s not a great scenario when you imagine the worst-case scenario.

However, that could change in the near future. Put our legal team on your defense so that you don’t end up taking responsibility for a crime that you never committed or goes unproven without admissible, discoverable evidence. Let’s try to find out where they got your case wrong by hiring us to represent your case.

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Important: The longer you wait to get legal advice, the more time prosecutors have to prepare for your next hearing unchecked by Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers. Start defending against their efforts and call Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq. for your Free Case Evaluation at (215) 774-1371.

You Are Facing Steep Penalties If Convicted

Potential penalties vary for each type of case and charge at the state or federal level. However, we want to make you aware that they are pretty stiff and will likely up-end your life. It’s time to take a look at what that means.

Shuttleworth Law PC has helped clients avoid criminal penalties, including:

  • Years in prison
  • Thousands in fines
  • Probation
  • Loss of licenses
  • Professional stigma
  • And more

Do not let prosecutors get away with destroying your life over a case that should have never been brought in the first place. Put our legal team on your side to reveal the relevant facts of your defense and present them at the right time.

Our Firm Has Helped the Accused Walk Away Free

Shuttleworth Law PC is a results-oriented law firm. Our #1 goal is to get you the outcome you want. While every case is unique, it can be reassuring to know that others in your situation have genuinely been blown away by our work.

Our legal has accomplished excellent results for clients. Check out some of our recent case results below:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. C.L.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client charged with armed robbery of a bank in Philadelphia. The incident was caught on video. Trial was held in front of a judge, and client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. The defense was mistaken identification. As a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia, I take great pride in achieving the most advantageous outcome.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.A.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client was charged with aggravated assault of a correctional officer while in custody at the Detention Center in Philadelphia, PA (part of the Philadelphia Prison System). He testified that he had to punch the correctional officer in self-defense, because he was attacked by two officers. Client was found NOT GUILTY.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.C.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client accused of burglarizing a home at night.  A neighbor witness claimed to have seen the burglar and recognized him as client.  Witness also claimed he knew client from the neighborhood, which is why he recognized him.  Mistaken identification was the defense. Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Why Hire Shuttleworth Law PC

REASSURANCE is the most compelling reason to Shuttleworth Law PC. Who knows what could happen to your future if you face the courts unrepresented?

Legal mistakes can lead to lifelong consequences that no one would ever want to endure, such as fines and time in prison. Try to stop them from happening in the first place: hire the Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC to represent your rights.

Our Philadelphia Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyers Want to Beat Your Charges

You might hear our Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers discuss your case in terms of “winning” and “losing.” Commonwealth of PA prosecutors only pursues individuals when they think they have a compelling case.

That means, if Shuttleworth Law PC achieves one of the following outcomes in your case, the prosecutors have effectively “lost” their case against you:

  • Dropped charges
  • Reduced charges
  • Dismissed charges
  • Plea bargains (if the client prefers)
  • Winning at a criminal trial

Regardless of how you want your case to resolve, you will trust that the Shuttleworth Law PC legal team is on your side and looking out for your interests. We will also help preserve your reputation, legacy, and career during key moments and opportunities that come our way.

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Focus on Building a Compelling Legal Defense

We stand firm when protecting the legal rights of clients. If prosecutors missed key information and facts, Shuttleworth Law PC will consider your case from as many conceivable angles as possible. Our Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers have more than 15 years of experience and investigatory resources and will use them to defend your legal rights efficiently and effectively.

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Insurance Fraud Defense FAQs

You are not responsible for proving your innocence, but you are responsible for disproving the prosecutor’s case against you. The opportunity to beat your charges may exist with the right plan of action.

Below, our Philadelphia insurance fraud defense lawyers have answered a few of your most frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What is the statute of limitations on insurance fraud in Pennsylvania?

The criminal statute of limitations on insurance fraud in Pennsylvania is five years from the alleged act under 42 Pa.C.S. § 5552. If prosecutors file charges against you after this period, you may have a valid defense.

For more information, check out this article.

Is insurance fraud a felony in P.A.?

Insurance fraud could be a felony in P.A. Under 18 Pa.C.S. § 4117 (a)(1) through (a)(8), the law specifically lists acts that the Commonwealth could charge as third-degree felonies. Otherwise, any crime committed under subsection (b) is a first-degree misdemeanor. Both carry potential prison time and thousands in fines if convicted.

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What are the elements of fraud in Pennsylvania?

There are four elements of fraud in Pennsylvania. The act should have involved: “1) a material factual misrepresentation that 2) made with knowledge or belief of its falsity and 3) with the intention that the other party rely thereon (4) resulting in justifiable reliance to that party to his detriment.” Agathos v. Starlite Motel, 60 F.3d 143, 147 (3d Cir. 1995). For the crime of insurance fraud, the defendant’s state of mind must have been knowing and with the intent to defraud. 18 Pa.C.S. § 4117.

For more information, check out this article.

How Can I Get Legal Advice from Philadelphia Insurance Fraud Defense Lawyers?

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