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Shuttleworth Law PC stands firm in protecting our client’s legal rights while pursuing the outcomes they want. Our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers aggressively defend against criminal charges in Pennsylvania. We have demonstrably fought against the odds for over 20 years, backed by award-winning legal results, sensible defense methodologies, and criminal trial experience.

My firm does not take violent crime charges lightly. If you or a loved one faces accusations of murder, rape, and assault, you can trust that our firm will execute your chosen strategy with the full force of our legal team behind it. We will take the time to learn about the facts and evidence while communicating our findings in plain English. Shuttleworth Law will identify the best strategies, discuss them with clients, and execute them in your matter.”

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.

Founder and Lead Criminal Defense Lawyer, Shuttleworth Law PC

Violent criminal charges, including assault, homicide, and murder, are defensible, even when the situation seems dire. Our Pennsylvania criminal defense attorneys offer confidential case evaluations that help people learn more about their options.

Shuttleworth Law PC Is Ready to Help You Move Forward

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We Hold the PA Justice System Accountable

Our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers have seen the aftermath of an arrest. From our perspective, clients and concerned family members go through an array of intense emotions and thoughts. Allow our legal team to ease the burden of the unknown with information, resources, and experience.

Shuttleworth Law PC builds defensive strategies against violent crimes in Pennsylvania, including:

Aggravated Assault

Aggravated Assault is when the Commonwealth believes you caused or attempted to cause another person serious bodily harm. A first-degree felony aggravated assault charge could get you 20 years in prison with fines of up to $25,000.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence charges can ruin your reputation even at the mere accusation of violence against family members and domestic partners. PA does not specifically charge domestic violence as a crime in and of itself, meaning you could be charged with assault, possession of instrument of crime, sex offenses, intimidation, false imprisonment, stalking, strangulation, and terroristic threats against family members or intimate partners.


Manslaughter charges relate to crimes of intentionally causing someone’s death or unintentionally causing someone’s death through gross negligence or recklessness, which are called voluntary and involuntary manslaughter charges, respectively. If charged with first-degree felony voluntary manslaughter, you could face up to 20 years imprisonment and fines of $25,000.


Murder is the most serious crime someone can get charged with. First-degree murder is a capital offense and is charged when prosecutors think they have enough evidence to prove you intentionally ended someone’s life. You could face a first-, second-, or third-degree murder charges, with a potential penalty of death or a lifetime in prison.


Rape describes the forced coercion of sexual intercourse with another person. First-degree felony rape can result in up to 20 years imprisonment and fines of $25,000.

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault charges are serious and require a strong legal defense. They encompass crimes related to statutory sexual assault, indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault, institutional sexual assault, rape, and other charges. Any one of these convictions could result in lengthy prison sentences and thousands in fines.

Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular Homicide is when you kill someone with a motor vehicle unintentionally. A conviction under this law could result in up to seven years imprisonment, $15,000 in fines, and a three-year license suspension.

Vehicular Homicide with a DUI

Vehicular Homicide with a DUI is more serious. Essentially, the Commonwealth is claiming that you were drunk when you unintentionally ended someone else’s life with a motor vehicle. If convicted and it is a first DUI, you face at least 10 years in prison, $25,000 in fines, and a mandatory minimum of three years in prison. If you have a prior conviction for DUI when sentenced on this offense, the maximum term of imprisonment jumps to 20 years.

Violent criminal allegations are unquestionably serious. Whether the outcome is conviction or exoneration, the final verdict will determine future events, ranging from total freedom to a lifetime of incarceration. The difference between the two is sometimes a matter of how aggressively you hold the justice system accountable for your rights.

Find Out More By Contacting Shuttleworth Law PC

Are you or a loved one facing violent crime charges in Pennsylvania? If so, allow the experienced Philadelphia criminal defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC to provide the information you need at no cost or obligation. Call (215) 774-1371 to schedule your Free Case Evaluation with our legal team. Let us know if you prefer to meet via secure video conference.

Our Recent Case Results

Clients come to Shuttleworth Law when they want an adept legal team with investigatory resources, efficient legal knowledge, and a straightforward “deskside manner.” We uphold your legal rights no matter what prosecutors have thrown our way and will see your case all the way to the final verdict.

If there is an opportunity to adjust your defensive strategy, our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers will share our findings about a better potential outcome where available. Every case is unique, and sometimes, the justice system gets its allegations right.

But not always.

Here are a few recent case results where clients were able to walk away from unfounded or insufficiently proven criminal charges:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. C.L.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client charged with armed robbery of a bank in Philadelphia. The incident was caught on video. Trial was held in front of a judge, and client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. The defense was mistaken identification. As a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia, I take great pride in achieving the most advantageous outcome.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.A.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client was charged with aggravated assault of a correctional officer while in custody at the Detention Center in Philadelphia, PA (part of the Philadelphia Prison System). He testified that he had to punch the correctional officer in self-defense, because he was attacked by two officers. Client was found NOT GUILTY.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.C.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client accused of burglarizing a home at night.  A neighbor witness claimed to have seen the burglar and recognized him as client.  Witness also claimed he knew client from the neighborhood, which is why he recognized him.  Mistaken identification was the defense. Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges and criminal liability.

Early-Stage Legal Representation Offers Advantages

Delayed legal representation is disadvantageous in some cases. If you or a loved one were arrested for a violent crime in Pennsylvania, the situation is already considered urgent; prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to convict, and a judge agreed or may agree with the indictment.

For example, consider the following five points related to one single area of your strategy: evidence preservation:

Weaken a Prosecutor’s Case From the Start

Commonwealth prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to convict you and are ready to prove their claims in court. They have gone through the trouble of expending resources and time on the taxpayer’s dollar. However, early case legal representation ensures that someone is observing their methodologies from the beginning and pointing their errors out at an effective moment.

Discover What Prosecutors Think They Know

Our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers will obtain a copy of the prosecutor’s discovery (aka evidence) file under Rule 573 of the Pennsylvania Rules of Criminal Procedure to make an initial determination on where your case stands. Basically, it is our chance to find out where prosecutors made mistakes. All relevant findings will be preserved as evidence and documented as part of a potential legal defense. If we have information to share that could clear your name, count on our legal tea to present it.

Protect Physical Evidence From Degradation

Evidence is a significant point of discussion when defending criminal charges, especially matters involving the element of violence. DNA, video footage, fingerprints, hard drives, and eyewitness accounts, all forms of admissible evidence, can degrade quickly. Early legal representation allows you to mitigate the chances of this happening.

Capture Eyewitness Accounts Before Memories Fade

Eyewitness testimony can be very powerful when used effectively. However, the passage of time may introduce unanticipated problems, including a decreased willingness to testify or an inability to recall key details. As such, getting their formal testimony on record can offer certain advantages when conducted early on in your case. If compelling eyewitnesses are willing to testify, Shuttleworth Law may coordinate meetings in a comfortable setting to preserve formal eyewitness accounts.

Time Affects Other Evidence in Your Case

Physical evidence and eyewitness accounts are just one piece of the puzzle when preserving evidence for a criminal case. There’s also documentary and digital evidence that have to be preserved and collected. The Philadelphia violent crimes lawyers at Shuttleworth Law use a principled approach to the collection of evidence, especially when they think the prosecution doesn’t want or have certain evidence. Delayed legal representation could negatively affect evidence gathering, but the criminal defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law identify documentary and digital evidence that needs to be preserved and/or collected early on, so it doesn’t disappear in your case. Imagine how missing evidence you didn’t know existed could be impacting your case without you even knowing it.

Our Criminal Defense Strategies Consider Multiple Factors

If you decide to hire our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers to represent your case, Shuttleworth Law will launch initial defensive tactics and launch an investigation of the facts. From the outset, you start receiving our protection, advice, and resources that start at the first available opportunity.

Time is precious.

The sooner you have a criminal defense lawyer on your side, the better. Early-stage intervention prevents legal mistakes from adversely affecting your rights. It also allows your Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers to control as many favorable and unfavorable variables as possible from the very start.

Shuttleworth Law PC (215) 774-1371

You Deserve a Legal Defense That Goes “All-In”

When you hire our legal team, you will discover that Shuttleworth Law takes a dedicated, personalized approach to every case. This approach allows us to defend your charges while offering as much information and direction as we can possibly deliver under the law. Clients appreciate how we go the extra mile to help them avoid unnecessary penalties, such as prison and fines.

Here are three reasons why you may want to consider contacting our Philadelphia violent crimes lawyers for a free case evaluation:

We’re Strategic

A solid strategy is the foundation of every good legal defense. The opportunities available for your case will vary according to the facts and circumstances. However, our Philadelphia violent crimes defense lawyers will look at the issues to determine where the opportunities exist and present them accordingly so that you can make informed decisions.

We’re Experienced

Two decades of criminal defense work as a private practice attorney will bring unmatched, hard-fought experience to your case. Founder and lead defense counsel Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq., takes a reasonably aggressive yet professional approach when protecting your legal rights and can do so as he and his legal team have experience navigating similar issues. This experience gives us the confidence to play offense and defense in an effective manner.

We’re Resourceful

Shuttleworth Law is highly resourceful. This element provides our clients with real results when facing the most serious of criminal charges in Pennsylvania. From evidence preservation to calling upon expert witnesses, you will have the tools you need to execute your chosen legal strategy.

Shuttleworth Law has been trusted by thousands of people accused of violent crimes. Clients trust that our strategies, experience, and legal resources will help them achieve the results they deserve. Our legal team is available 24/7/365 to handle new matters that involve violent crime accusations.

Start By Getting Your Legal Questions Answered at No Cost

The choices made when facing criminal charges impact the entire outcome. Start getting answers during a confidential, no-cost case evaluation with our Philadelphia violent crimes lawyers. It is your opportunity to get initial feedback on where your case stand, how the law may apply, and the possibility of favorable vs. unfavorable outcomes.

Shuttleworth Law welcomes you to contact us at (215) 774-1371 or message us directly online for Your Free Case Evaluation. Let us know if you prefer to meet via secure video conferencing at the time of calling, and we will gladly make arrangements.

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