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Indecent exposure charges are always a surprise when they happen. Even more surprising, they carry up to five years imprison and $10,000 in fines if minors were present. That’s why you need to hire an experienced and resourceful Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer on your side at Shuttleworth Law to fight the case against you.

“Most people think of indecent exposure as not being very serious. Unfortunately, the opposite is true. Avoid trying to “think” your way out of it; I have known some truly brilliant people that have tried, and in doing so, made some small legal mistakes and landed in jail. Instead, rely on the one person who has the tools, knowledge, and resources you want and deserve: your Philadelphia indecent exposure defense attorney.”

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Caught With Your Pants Down? Make Prosecutors Prove It!

The prosecutor assigned to your case is responsible for proving THEIR allegations against YOU. They might have dashcam footage, officer testimony, and other forms of seemingly damning evidence. However, none of that matters if they didn’t follow legal procedure or violated your civil rights.

That’s the power of having a Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer on your side. If you hire Shuttleworth Law, we will comb your case for any single shred of evidence that proves THEY were wrong for arresting you in the first place.

Under 18 Pa.C.S. § 3127, prosecutors must also prove the following to get a conviction:

  • Element #1. You intentionally exposed your genitals, and;
  • Element #2. You were in a public place or visible to others, and;
  • Element #3. You should have anticipated that people would be alarmed

If they cannot prove these elements, then they should not be able to get a conviction. However, without a Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer on your side, how will you ensure that they understand your side of the story?

You Could Also Face Open Lewdness or Disorderly Conduct Charges

As if indecent exposure isn’t enough, the Commonwealth allows police to charge you with open lewdness and disorderly conduct. Sure, it might have been “one hell of a night,” but who wants to be known for this kind of mistake for the rest of their life, especially when you could’ve fought the charges and won?

Your Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law can also help you address Open Lewdness or Disorderly Conduct charges:

Open Lewdness Charges

A lewd act does not have to happen in public for it to be illegal. For example, you could face open lewdness charges for conduct in your home that happened in front of a window, even if you were unaware others could see you. Per 18 Pa.C.S. 5901, Open Lewdness is a third-degree misdemeanor, which carries up to one year in prisons and fines up to $2,500.

Disorderly Conduct

Disorderly conduct is another set of charges on the line. It’s a third-degree misdemeanor that prohibits any inconvenience, annoyance, or alarm by way of fighting, making excessive noise, using obscene language and gestures, or creating hazards that serve zero purposes under 18 Pa.C.S. 5503.

Find Out How Shuttleworth Law Could Help

Do not accept a plea deal for indecent exposure, open lewdness, or disorderly conduct charges in Pennsylvania. You can fight your charges more efficiently and effectively with a Philadelphia indecent exposure lawyer on your side, and if you win, you get to maintain your clean record. Call Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq. for a Free Case Evaluation at (215) 774-1371.

Here’s How an Indecent Exposure Charge Could Disrupt Your Life

Indecent exposure is a second-degree misdemeanor in Pennsylvania unless the complainant or victim is 16 years of age or younger. If this applies to your situation, the law grades your charges as a first-degree misdemeanor. The penalties will vary according to whether you face first- or second-degree misdemeanor indecent exposure charges.

Here are the penalties on the line:

  • First-degree misdemeanor conviction:
    Up to five years imprisonment and fines up to $10,000
  • Second-degree misdemeanor conviction:
    Up to two years imprisonment and fines of up to $5,000

If you also receive a third-degree misdemeanor conviction for open lewdness or disorderly conduct, you could face one-year imprisonment and up to $2,500 in fines. Put an experienced Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law on your side to fight your charges.

Plus, the Deadline to Prosecute Your Case Is Long

Thinking about using a statute of limitations defense? If it hasn’t been at least TWO YEARS since the date of your arrest, this option won’t work.

Commonwealth prosecutors have up to two years from the date of the offense to bring charges against you in court unless the crime was against a minor. Now, if the alleged victim is under 18, prosecutors have until their 55th birthday to prosecute you.


Let’s say you and your partner are 23, and you both sneak off for an “afternoon delight” in a public park. Without your knowledge, two 15-year-olds are laughing and watching in the distance, which attracts the attention of the police and your subsequent arrest. In this case, the prosecutor could go after both of you up until you’re around age 63!

The example, in this case, is extreme. However, it sets the scope for any possibility, which is information that you need at this moment. Get in touch with our Philadelphia indecent exposure defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law today.

Were Minors Present? Start Defending Your Case NOW

Penalties become significantly harsher if children were present during the alleged act. There could also be more severe consequences if you were at or near a school. Prosecutors may also approach your case more aggressively if you have priors, particularly for a sexual offense.

Possible Defenses

While the specifics of your defense will depend on the facts, your Pennsylvania indecent exposure defense attorney will review your case for viable defenses, including:

Possible Defense #1. You didn’t intend to expose yourself

Possible Defense #2. You have a condition that required intervention

Possible Defense #3. You exposed yourself accidentally

Possible Defense #4. It wasn’t you

Possible Defense #5. You didn’t expose yourself

Possible Defense #6. Your civil rights were violated

Possible Defense #7. You have an alibi

Possible Defense #8. You didn’t reasonably know your actions caused alarm

Possible Defense #9. You thought that you were in a private space

Possible Defense #10. There isn’t enough evidence to convict

The list above is an off-the-top reference of some possible defenses that could apply to your case. However, when Shuttleworth Law starts reviewing the facts, we could discover an entirely new and different strategy. Regardless, you can count on your Philadelphia indecent exposure lawyer to analyze the facts and evidence thoroughly to reveal potential alternatives.

Top Tips for Dealing with Indecent Exposure Charges in PA

Protecting your legal rights is challenging after an arrest. There are so many questions about what to do, what to say, and where to turn for help.

Here are three of our top tips for dealing with indecent exposure charges in Pennsylvania:

Tip 1. Play It Cool

If arrested and charged with indecent exposure, try to maintain your composure, as tough as that sounds. At this point, becoming angry or irate will only exacerbate your situation. Taking a cooler approach won’t win your case, but it certainly won’t add to the mountain of anxiety already on your plate.

Tip 2. No Talking to Police

Do not speak to the police without your attorney present. Most people think that explaining their side of the situation will get them out of cuffs. Unfortunately, that strategy typically backfires, so politely inform any officers or prosecutors that you’re looking for an attorney to stave off jarring interrogations.

Then, ensure you actually hire a Philadelphia criminal defense attorney to represent your case. The police are not your friends, and they can use anything you say against you, even taken out of context.

Tip 3. Take Action Early

Once you obtain representation, your indecent exposure defense lawyer in Philadelphia will exhaust all possible avenues to mitigate the consequences of these charges. Shuttleworth Law could even have the charges completely dropped or reduced to a lesser offense in some cases. On the other hand, if the prosecutor refuses to acknowledge our evidence, we aren’t afraid to present your case at trial.

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