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Penalties for driving under the influence convictions, also called DUI convictions, are too severe to accept without putting up a fight. The knowledge and experience of a Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law help defendants challenge the prosecutor’s case theory and point out weak or flawed evidence to a judge or jury. With years of experience, we will build a strategy that puts your best case forward.

DUI testing procedures are not foolproof. Law enforcement and prosecutors get it wrong all the time. If there’s a weakness in the case against my client, I’m looking for it.

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.

Founder & Philadelphia Defense Lawyer, Shuttleworth Law

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 The Philadelphia DUI Defense Lawyer at Shuttleworth Law has years of experience helping clients fight charges. Learn more about your options by contacting us for a Free Consultation at 215-774-1371 or message us here.

Shuttleworth Law is nationally recognized for client service, ethics, and legal knowledge. Our DUI practice is founded and headed by Brad V. Shuttleworth, a lawyer with extensive training and trial experience defending DUI cases. He offers insight into your case that is unique to our firm.

Types of cases that a Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer will represent includes:

·         Boating DUIs

·         Drug DUIs

·         Drunk driving injury cases

·         DUI appeals

·         DUI expungements

·         Felony DUIs

·         Marijuana DUIs

·         Misdemeanor DUIs

·         PennDot Administrative Hearings

·         Prescription drug DUIs

·         Vehicular homicide with DUI charges

·         Other DUI cases

 If you stand accused of a DUI in Philadelphia, do not say a word to law enforcement, courts, or prosecutors until you speak with a Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer. The criminal justice system routinely convicts DUI defendants and has decades of experience doing it. However, DUI testing procedures are inherently flawed, meaning you should put legal representation on your side to determine what factors played a role in your case.

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How Our DUI Legal Team Defends Cases in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Although blood-alcohol content, otherwise known as BAC testing, is voluntary, motorists accept a doctrine of implied consent, which means that you must submit to testing upon an officer’s request, and your license can be suspended if you don’t. However, police do not have the authority to demand a test from just any motorist and must follow specific procedures when conducting tests. Consequently, there are several flaws and weaknesses in their processes.

A Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law offer our clients the following:

·       Tenacity: We will not take your case lightly. If there is an issue to raise with prosecution or the courts, a Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer will present them consistently for the given situation. You can trust us to push forward without creating legal errors.

·      Client-focused: Shuttleworth Law is a multi-discipline law firm with in-depth knowledge of each practice area. Our clients benefit from trusted counsel with a legal professional who handles their cases with laser focus.

·      Experience: Brad has years of experience successfully winning cases for clients at trial and, in many situations, before it even gets there. You can count on our firm to seek out the best possible solution.

If you decide that hiring our team is a good fit, we will start your case by reviewing the facts of your case. Our goal is first to see what the government can prove using a fresh perspective. Next, we will continue building your case and may need more information from you surrounding the circumstances. As we work through an investigation on your behalf, a Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer will preserve evidence that seeks to get your charges dropped, beat, or reduced.

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Start protecting your case today by hiring the Philadelphia DUI defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law. Our office welcomes you to contact us for a Free Consultation by calling 215-774-1371 or message us via the contact form below. We are conveniently located in Philadelphia and are licensed to practice throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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