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Criminal investigations happen when federal, state, or municipal law enforcement strongly believes you were involved in a crime. Investigatory techniques may include simple telephone conversations with police or more detailed interviews, depending on the nature of the case. You should avoid making statements to the police and immediately speak with Philadelphia criminal investigations lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC.

When law enforcement is investigating you, it is prudent to retain criminal defense attorneys before being charged. This strategy may help you avoid not only the agony and humiliation of arrest but also court appearances, penalties, fines, and thousands of dollars in legal fees potentially.

The biggest mistake people make during an investigation is speaking to law enforcement without a lawyer present, which is usually only an advantage for prosecutors. Some of the best outcomes happen when clients contact me right after they get the voicemail or call from police to come in for questioning. I represent the client’s rights throughout the entire investigation, while bringing as much control back to our side as possible.

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.

Founder & Philadelphia Defense Lawyer, Shuttleworth Law PC

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Types of Criminal Investigations We Represent

Criminal investigations are always frightening. However, you should know that you have the right to defend yourself. Avoid waiting around or ignoring voicemails from police. Take a proactive stance to protect yourself as early on as possible.

Types of criminal investigations we represent include:

  • Drug crimes

  • Sex abuse or assault

  • Domestic violence

  • Murder or manslaughter

  • Theft, robbery, or burglary

  • White-collar crimes

  • Computer crimes

  • Federal crimes

  • State crimes

  • Felony crimes

  • Misdemeanor crimes

  • And more

Brad V. Shuttleworth, our founder, and his legal team have years of experience handling criminal investigations. We address critical issues relatively early in criminal proceedings, if any, while ensuring that your civil rights remain intact. Your Philadelphia criminal investigations lawyers will push back against unfair or illegal investigations as well.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Pennsylvania and South Jersey Investigations

Fear is a strong motivator. However, it can also cause us to act in ways that we usually would not. Do not jeopardize your case because you are worried about what the police will find.

First of all, Shuttleworth Law PC will handle the communications on your behalf. We will find out what evidence the police have against you and work from there. If they don’t have cause to investigate you, then we can resolve the matter very quickly.

On the other hand, your criminal investigations lawyers in Pennsylvania will stand by your side if the police have cause to question you. If it’s wise to speak with police, we’ll let you know and you will have the confidence to speak with them while receiving our ongoing advice and counsel. If it’s unwise to speak with them, we’ll shut them down, and you won’t have to worry about talking to them at all.

Here are a few other tips for handling police investigations:

DON’T Destroy Evidence

Philadelphia criminal investigation lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC strongly urges you to avoid destroying evidence.  Destroying evidence is never practical and it can hurt your case anyway. Consult with Shuttleworth Law PC before you unintentionally jeopardize your chances of a favorable outcome to the investigation.

DON’T Speak with Police

Avoid speaking with the police; You have the right to remain silent. Utilize it! You might believe that by providing detectives with an reason or explaining the situation, you can talk your way out of it.

This strategy usually adds no benefit to your case. Talking with detectives investigators before speaking with a lawyer is easily the fastest way to harm your case. Whether they work for local police, the Pennsylvania State Police, or the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), they are adept at finding evidence.

While they may appear friendly when they ask you questions, you are not obligated to speak to police without consulting with Philadelphia criminal investigations lawyers. Shuttleworth Law PC will stand by your side with tenacity and aplomb throughout the entire time we work together.

DO Speak with a Philadelphia Criminal Investigations Lawyer

Shuttleworth Law PC has extensive experience defending criminal investigations. If you are under federal or state investigation, you may be notified via a target letter, a telephone call, or a visit to your home. While you shouldn’t ignore these communications, you should not speak with them alone.

You must act quickly upon contact to develop a defensive strategy that protects your case and rights. Keep in mind that you could face an arrest at the investigation’s conclusion, whether you are guilty or not. The police get to decide if they have grounds to arrest you. They have a lot of power, don’t give them more than they already have.

Instead of putting yourself at the mercy of the police, contact Philadelphia criminal investigations lawyers. We’ll find out where the investigation stands and build a strategy for you based on the facts. Shuttleworth Law PC will always fight for the client’s desired outcome, which usually involves getting law enforcement off your back!

It’s Dangerous to Speak with Law Enforcement Alone

Even if you are entirely innocent, police have the luxury of meticulously studying the evidence beforehand. You may have gone years without thinking about the case, much less the underlying details of the investigator’s questions. It is unlikely that they will show you any pertinent documents before the interview beginning.

The element of surprise has a particular effect on suspects or witnesses. Under these conditions, it is possible to make factual errors simply because you feel nervous or your memory has faded. We ask that you adhere to the general rule of not speaking with law enforcement until you talk with your Philadelphia criminal lawyers.

“But Brad… What if I talked to the police already?”

If you have already issued a police statement, we recommend not making any more comments to them. Call us to help you handle the rest of the case. If law enforcement arrests you based on your interview, Shuttleworth Law PC can defend your case in court.

While it is much easier to nip criminal charges in the bud at the investigation level, you still have a chance to fight your charges a trial or obtain a dismissal or reduction

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