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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania issues Protection from Abuse orders to protect family and household members from abuse and physical harm by family members and intimate partners. But what happens when the system fails, and you suddenly find yourself on the side of being wrongfully accused? A Philadelphia Protection From Abuse (PFA) defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC wants to help.

For more than 20 years, we have helped the wrongfully accused achieve results while maintaining a serious focus on protecting your reputation and family. Our legal team will hear and understand your side of the story so that we offer sensible legal strategies that work toward the outcome you want.

“Defending against a PFA order is more painful than most people even comprehend. Everyone in an accused person’s life looks at them like they have done something wrong before even having a chance to tell their side of the story. Here’s what I say: ‘Ignore the trolls. Sit tight. Give me a call. Let’s see what we can work out from a legal standpoint.’ If there is a solution to defend your case, I will find it.”

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PFA orders can last up to three years and affect many rights, including parental rights, owning a firearm, and residing in your own home. If a PFA order is entered against you, you need to fight like hell to achieve the outcome you deserve.

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Shuttleworth Law PC Has Got Your Back During the PFA Process

The Protection from Abuse Act under 23 Pa.C.S. § 6101 protects people from alleged domestic abuse and violence. It is Pennsylvania’s version of a restraining order and limits contact between two people. Under this law, your accuser must prove that you are more likely than not that you committed one or more acts of abuse against them.

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Here is how they get a judge to sign off on that:

  • Step 1. Petition the Court: Your accuser formally tells the court on paper and in person that you have committed certain acts, and they are in immediate danger without a PFA.


  • Step 2. The judge issues a temporary PFA: Since the evidentiary requirements for a temporary PFA order are less stringent than, say, a jury trial, the judge will likely grant a temporary PFA if there is just enough proof. These orders are issued ex parte, which means a judge signs the order without you there to defend yourself.


  • Step 3. Defend yourself at the hearing: Within ten business days of the order being signed, you will have a chance to argue your side of things in court at a real hearing. This hearing is important since it is a huge opportunity to set the record straight.

You have other legal options as well. Some clients prefer to enter into an agreement without admission rather than go to the hearing described in Step 3. Regardless of how you want to handle things, a Philadelphia PFA defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC will explain your options clearly and execute your decisions strategically on your behalf.

You Do Not Have to Pretend Like Everything Is Okay

An agreement without admission is one made between you and the accuser that resolves their complaint in a less stringent manner. The judge must approve the agreement. They signify that the judge did not specifically determine that there was abuse, which, in the legal sense, protects your reputation and background.

Aside from that, there are other reasons why some people want an agreement without admission:

Everything Relationship Has Problems

In many relationships, the best outcome is to admit there are problems and address them so that they can get back on track. However, family disputes are often based on alcohol or drug abuse, money problems, or other issues that can be managed with support.

Consent Decrees Have Stipulations

Agreements sometimes require that you complete some type of counseling or treatment program. The agreement may require that you live apart while you complete the program.

We Will Find the Right Solution

While our Philadelphia PFA defense lawyer is not advocating that agreements fit every household and family dynamic, we share this information to let you know that you can use the law to make things as easy as possible for yourself and others.

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You Lose Legal Rights If Your Accuser Gets a PFA

A PFA is more than just a “no contact” order. The presiding judge has the authority to order a loss of other rights and liberties. These losses can make a frustrating situation even more maddening.

Here are the following rights you could lose if a judge enters a PFA against you:

  • No contact with the victim
  • Forced to leave your home
  • Custody loss
  • Prohibited contact with children
  • No firearms use or possession
  • Paying the victim’s abuse-related damages
  • Other rights lost as set forth in the final order

The PFA may also appear on a formal background check, making it more challenging to obtain a job or home.

In summation, your life, liberty, reputation, happiness, property, and relationships will all be in peril if you do not reach an agreement or convince a judge that the accuser’s claim lacks merit. Avoid forfeiting this opportunity by hiring a Philadelphia PFA defense lawyer at Shuttleworth Law PC ASAP!

A PFA Order Can Create Future Problems

Although a permanent PFA order is not the same thing as a criminal conviction, it can be as serious as a criminal conviction in some cases. Below, we have outlined some very real consequences of a PFA:

Criminal Charges and Penalties

In matters where the allegations are false, the PFA Order gives the alleged victim leverage to seek criminal charges for contempt against you. Criminal contempt can land you in jail for up to 5 months and 29 days.

While the Commonwealth does not have a single specific domestic violence crime on the books, prosecutors can pursue enhanced criminal charges and penalties for domestic violence and abuse.

For orders and sentence enhancements, 23 Pa.C.S. § 6102 defines domestic abuse as “one or more of the following acts between family or household members, sexual or intimate partners or persons who share biological parenthood:”

  • Attempting to cause or intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causing bodily injury, serious bodily injury, rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault, indecent assault, or incest
  • Placing another in reasonable fear of imminent serious bodily injury.
  • The infliction of false imprisonment
  • Physically or sexually abusing minor children

Domestic violence charges carry stiff penalties. Stalking, child abuse, and sexual assault crimes can result in prison terms of five, seven, or even ten years or more. Do not leave your fate in the hands of aggressive prosecutors.

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You Can Defend Against a PFA Order in Pennsylvania

When facing a PFA order, you will have to attend a court hearing to decide upon whether or not the PFA will be finalized and what the terms of the order will be if it is finalized.

There are several ways a person may defend against a PFA order they are facing, including:

  • Presenting evidence
  • Making proper arguments
  • Following court procedure

Essentially, it is your shot to put a stop to your accuser’s efforts. However, even if the judge still issues one, your statements will still be considered by the presiding judge and may affect the final outcome of the matter. Judges will always consider all input from a defendant at a hearing, so it is important to make use of this opportunity.

Work with an Experienced Philadelphia Protection From Abuse (PFA) Defense Lawyer

When the stakes are high, you do not want to take a PFA order lightly. Shuttleworth Law PC offers personalized legal advice that makes sense for your situation. Our Philadelphia PFA defense lawyer will explain your rights and aggressively fight against the issuance of a PFA order that should have never been requested in the first place.

If an order has already been issued, we will also work to protect your child custody and visitation rights to see your children. We also handle Indirect Criminal Contempt hearings (ICC) if you have been charged with violating a no-contact order or PFA order as well.

Our defense team is a one-stop legal champion that gets fired up over PFA orders and is protective of the targets they seek to upset. Pennsylvania laws protect people in your situation; let us help you understand and assert them.

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Philadelphia Protection From Abuse (PFA) FAQs

What is a PFA in Pennsylvania?

In any domestic violence situation, the victim of the alleged domestic violence may file a petition for PFA Order. This may order you to prevent you from engaging in the following

  • Acts of abuse
  • Returning to the shared residence
  • Being within the vicinity of the victim

It can also contain orders for temporary custody and payment of support. Even if you know you are completely innocent, do not violate the terms of any court orders granted following the alleged abuse because it could unnecessarily turn into a criminal matter at that point.

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Who Can Get a PFA Order Against Me?

To file a PFA action, there must be a familial or residential relationship between the relevant parties. They can be biological family members residing in the same home or those involved in a romantic relationship, either now or in the past. Abuse at the hands of anyone else may constitute a crime under another section of the law but will not give rise to a PFA order.

This article offers more information.

Is a PFA Order a Criminal Matter?

A PFA matter is accuser versus a “respondent” and not the Commonwealth versus a “defendant.” However, if a person violates a PFA, it can and will lead to a criminal contempt charge. In addition, violating a Court Order means that the Commonwealth can prosecute you for additional charges, such as assault and terroristic threats

Lastly, unlike in criminal court, the burden of proof for a PFA case is “by the preponderance of the evidence,” which is much lower than “beyond a reasonable doubt,” the standard in all criminal courts in the United States. Therefore, your accuser needs to only show that they are more likely than not going to suffer from abuse or violence again.

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