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The Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC know how terrifying it is to be labeled an “abuser.” The sad reality is that people make false accusations every day, leading to an unfair arrest and damage to your reputation, not to mention the penalties on the line if prosecutors can get a conviction. If you hire our legal team to represent your case, we will put over 15 years of hard-won, hands-on success behind it so that you get the results you deserve.

“The first thing I tell most people arrested for domestic violence is that their charges are defensible. It may not look like it now, but when you start digging into things like police reports, witness statements, and the accuser’s so-called physical evidence, you may start finding cracks in their story. I live for finding these instances and presenting them at, what I think is, the most impactful moment.”

Brad V. Shuttleworth, Esq.

Founder & Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer, Shuttleworth Law PC

Push back against your detractors. Do not let family members or current or former partners get away with false accusations. Our legal team will stand by your side throughout the entire process.

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We represent people charged with domestic violence crimes in Bridesburg-Kensington-Port Richmond, Center City, Far Northeast Philadelphia, Germantown-Chestnut Hill, Kensington, Northeast Philadelphia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Roxborough-Manayunk, South Philadelphia, Southwest Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, and all surrounding areas.

Shuttleworth Law PC Protects Those Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is never okay, but neither are false accusations. Data collected between 1998 and 2007 in Boston found that 5.9 percent of domestic violence accusations are false. You don’t have to be someone who accepts responsibility for a crime you didn’t commit or goes unproven by the justice system.

The Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC have defended those accused of committing the following acts:

  • Assault
  • Bodily harm
  • Sex offenses
  • Intimidation
  • False imprisonment
  • Stalking
  • Strangulation
  • Terroristic threats
  • Other forms of domestic violence

If charged with a domestic abuse offense, you should consult with our legal team as soon as possible. Pennsylvania allows for severe penalties, including prison, fines, custody losses, and more. Shuttleworth Law PC will investigate the allegations against you and develop an effective defensive strategy.

Never Accept Responsibility for an Unproven Crime

You’re not responsible for unproven charges. The Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC are ready to help you get the protection you want and deserve. Call (215) 774-1371 to get your Free Case Evaluation.

Family Members Can File Domestic Charges Against You

Pennsylvania allows domestic violence victims to get a Protection From Abuse (PFA) Order. They contain rules against abuse. However, the evidentiary standards required to get one are much lower than, say, going to a criminal trial, meaning that your family member only needs to prove that domestic abuse or violence is more likely than not to have happened.

While this standard is great for protecting victims, it could lead to false accusations. If a family member files domestic charges against you, our legal team will defend against:

  • Dating partners (current or former)
  • Biological parent of a shared child
  • Spouses (current or former)
  • Domestic partners (current or former)
  • Parents
  • Children (Adopted, biological, and stepchildren)

Few things are more stressful than hurtful domestic violence accusations. You are not the sum of where you stand today. If you hire Shuttleworth Law PC to represent your case, we will not hold back when clearing your name and clearing your charges.

Domestic Violence Penalties Are Severe

It is essential to have legal representation when facing criminal charges. There is already too much at stake. Our Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers will help you fight back with investigatory resources, experience, and legal knowledge so that you get the outcomes you deserve.

You could lose the following rights after a domestic violence conviction:

  • Voting rights
  • Custody rights
  • Firearms rights
  • Right to remain at liberty
  • Other rights

Do not enter a guilty plea if you do not want to lose these rights. Hire the legal team at Shuttleworth Law PC to push back against false or unproven accusations. We will meticulously document your case and preserve evidence so that you have a strong legal defense at every critical moment in your case.

Our Philadelphia Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers Achieve Results

Shuttleworth Law PC focuses on getting results. Our top priority is getting you the outcome you want. All cases are unique; however, it is reassuring to know that our Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers have achieved incredible client outcomes.

Here are just a few of our case results below:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. C.L.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client charged with armed robbery of a bank in Philadelphia. The incident was caught on video. Trial was held in front of a judge, and client was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. The defense was mistaken identification. As a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia, I take great pride in achieving the most advantageous outcome.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.A.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client was charged with aggravated assault of a correctional officer while in custody at the Detention Center in Philadelphia, PA (part of the Philadelphia Prison System). He testified that he had to punch the correctional officer in self-defense, because he was attacked by two officers. Client was found NOT GUILTY.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. D.C.

Ruling: Not Guilty

Client accused of burglarizing a home at night.  A neighbor witness claimed to have seen the burglar and recognized him as client.  Witness also claimed he knew client from the neighborhood, which is why he recognized him.  Mistaken identification was the defense. Client found NOT GUILTY of all charges.

Why Hire Shuttleworth Law PC to Represent Your Case

Knowledge and resources are part of every legal strategy. So what sets Shuttleworth Law PC apart? RESULTS and REASSURANCE.

If you hire us to represent your case, you can count on us to deliver on those two elements consistently. While we have no control over some aspects, we will look at your case from multiple angles to provide a comprehensive result.

Legal mistakes lead to lifelong consequences, such as fines and time in prison. Give yourself every fighting chance to beat your charges: hire the Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC to represent your rights.

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FAQs: Pennsylvania Domestic Violence Defense

You have legal rights when accused of domestic violence in Pennsylvania. However, without legal representation, knowing what rules apply and how they affect your defensive strategy is challenging. Start protecting your rights now by addressing any questions you have with a criminal defense law firm.

In the meantime, the Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers at Shuttleworth Law PC have addressed your frequently asked questions (FAQs) below:

How long do you stay in jail for domestic violence in Pennsylvania?

Alleged acts of domestic violence can result in various felony and misdemeanor charges, ultimately determining the amount of jail time received. Common domestic violence crimes include assault, harassment, false imprisonment, and intimidation and carry penalties according to the severity of the crime as indicated by classification and grading. For instance, third-degree misdemeanor online stalking convictions carry up to one year in prison and fines that do not exceed $2,500, while first-degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon convictions can result in up to 20 years imprisonment and $25,000 in fines.

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Can an alleged victim drop domestic violence charges in Pennsylvania?

No, an alleged victim cannot drop domestic violence charges in Pennsylvania but can decide to not testify if they have a bona fide reason to invoke the Fifth Amendment. By invoking the Fifth, an alleged victim can protect himself or herself from self-incrimination. In addition, Prosecutors and judges determine if the Commonwealth can charge you with a domestic violence-related crime even if the alleged victim retracts their statements. If you are facing domestic violence charges, do not contact the victim to ask them about withdrawing their statements.

Can PA prosecutors press domestic violence charges against me even if the alleged victim does not?

Yes, PA prosecutors can press charges against you even if the victim does not want them to do so. Prosecutors represent the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and are responsible for making decisions in the state’s best interest. You should never contact the alleged victim to ask them about not pressing charges or retracting formal statements made to the police.

How do I speak with Philadelphia domestic violence defense lawyers?

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