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What does a criminal lawyer do?

A criminal lawyer knows: “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one one innocent suffer.” -Sir William Blackstone

And that’s what we do- we live by this maxim. In the United States, civil rights are supposed to be sacred, and freedom should be paramount. However, the criminal justice system does not work the way it was intended. Without the right lawyer, people get swept up in what we call “the system.” Unfortunately, it happens every day. That is why we fight hard to make sure the system does not take advantage of our clients.

Concentrating our practice in criminal defense litigation, we have succeeded in helping thousands and thousands of people. Call to see if we can help you. Consultations are free.


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We have an astonishing record of success for our clients and offer unsurpassed client service.

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For criminal defense the cost comes out of pocket but we work with you.

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